Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday....a snow day....

I'd thought we could trim out and paint Mary's room by Sunday night. I did not account for the ice storm that came through here last night! John ended up not working on Mary's room as we were trying to get prepared for the storm and likely power outage.

The power went out at 11pm last night. By 9am this morning, John was out in the garage with his miter saw cutting quarter round. He got as much done as he could, but then needed the router to finish the last 2 pieces. I got busy filling holes in the trim. The power came on right after I started. We ate lunch, John went to work, and I finished filling the holes.

I am not sure if we are behind on our schedule. I think we are doing okay. I should be able to sand down the wood filler later this afternoon. The mud I used on the walls needs 24 hours. If I have the energy, I might try to prime all the trim and cut in the walls tonight after the girls are in bed. Then I could roll the primer tomorrow.

It's going to be close. I still think I can get it all done if the power stays on. It's currently snowing and blowing.

I've been busy sewing and knitting too. Pictures to come!

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