Monday, October 27, 2008

Longies done....and now Christmas stuff....really!

I didn't think I'd ever finish these longies. I got to the legs and they were just boring. I worked on them here and there, but never made much progress. Well yesterday I got close enough to the cuffs to see that the end was in sight. Then it hit me! Ruffles! Yes! Then I remembered I'd sworn off ruffles last year after making a pair of ruffled longies for Mary. I decided since Ellie's legs were smaller, it would be easier. Well, it really wasn't. By the time I was done, there were 180 stitches per leg, and they were jammed on the needle so tight (I did the legs separately using a 16 inch circular for the ruffles) that it was taking a good 10 minutes per row for the last 7 rows (times two legs). Then the bind off took forever too. But they are done! They still need blocked so the ruffles will lay better. Oh, and yes, that's play-doh on the floor. That's the kitchen rug and we don't even do play-doh in the kitchen. Ugh. And I vacuumed yesterday!!

Saturday I was at Grandma Mary's house, and I raided her fabric stash. She wanted to give me more, but I told her to let me use this first and then I'd get more. Anyway, these are going to be reusable bags all with the hot pink as the inner fabric. You should see Grandma's stash! Oh my! She has it all folded and labeled by how much yardage there is of each kind. I hope she never sees my craft closet! It's a mess, and I can never locate a dang thing in there.

I promised Mom 3 pair of wrist warmers by next Saturday. So I better get going on those. Two are gifts she's giving and one is a pair for her. I can usually knit them up pretty quick. Then I'll be on to sewing bags. I have more fabric for the actual gifts I am making. The stuff pictured above is all for me!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mary's hat

I really, really need to finish Ellie's. It frosted here last night.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ready for Christmas

Last week, I told John I was ready to put up the Christmas tree. Last year we put it up the weekend before Thanksgiving. I wonder how early I can get him to agree to putting it up this year??? Maybe it will get me into the mood to make presents. I did go buy some supplies yesterday. I also saw these little unpainted wooden ornaments. I thought it would be fun to paint them with Mary. I got two for myself and three for her. We started on them today:

Mary wanted to get started with her gingerbread man. I explained they were usually brown, and she was happy with that. I thought we were off to a great start. But then, she wanted green. Then orange, pink, blue and white. It actually came out super cool! I can't wait for her to do the others I got her:).

I stuck the eyes on after she was done (I asked permission first). I might see if she wants me to draw his mouth back on with a marker after the paint is all the way dry.

I started a pair of longies for Ellie on Wednesday, and was off to a great start. Now I'm not in the mood to knit. I sort of started on another Christmas project, but the next step is something I have to do when Mary's not around and Ellie is asleep. I guess that's why I started early. Maybe I can work on it in 15 minute intervals on the weekends.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


What do you do with a million little balls of scrap yarn? You make Hudson Hats! I made one for Mary a couple weeks ago, and almost have Ellie's done.

I can finish Ellie's in probably 30 minutes, but I am down to the part which is every knitter's worst nightmare: weaving in the ends. Ugh. I don't know anyone that likes to do it.

Both of them together:

Mary's had hers on and it looks so cute! I'm sure I'll have a picture at some point this winter. Not today though as it's 80 degrees again.

Now I really, really must get working on Christmas gifts! I don't have anything too complicated to do, and I sat down the other night to make a list and see how long it would take to make everything. I think I can do it in a month or less. I want to make Ellie some new longies too.

In other news, Mary has quit napping. I pretty much had a feeling it was going to happen after Ellie arrived, and I was right. The good news is that she goes to bed an hour earlier at night! So at least my evenings are a bit easier. Ellie doesn't go to bed until 10:30 or 11pm though. Ah, life with two kids:).

Mary and I made a zucchini bread this afternoon. Yum! She's a great helper in the kitchen. And I get my anniversary gift tonight--John's picking up take out so I don't have to cook dinner! Yippie!

I really should start on weaving in those ends..........or start a new project.......or something.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My big (little) girl!

I took Ellie to have her weighed on Monday. She's up to 10 pounds 7oz! So she's gained almost 2.5 pounds since she was born. She just started smiling over the weekend. She's such a little sweetie.

I need to craft! I feel strange when I don't craft. I need to make some time to work on a hat for Ellie and then I MUST, MUST get started on Christmas gifts. I already have a couple done, but I really need to get going on the rest of them. I made a cute hat for Mary last week. It was fun. Ellie is getting the same style. I started it, but haven't had time to really work on it. This week has been pretty busy with other things.

We took our first road trip with two kids! I thought it went really well. It was Mary's first long (well, over an hour) car trip in undies and she did fine. Ellie did pretty well in the car. We stopped once each way to feed her quickly. The trip was just a day trip to Indy to have lunch with my family. It was Mom's birthday and we met her at my Uncle's house. Mary had so much fun with the other kids there.

Alright, Ellie says this blog post is over!

Friday, October 3, 2008

One Month!

Ellie is one month old today! I can't believe it. It really does just seem like I was pregnant (and miserable!!) yesterday. In just the last couple of days, Ellie has started to lose the newborn look and is looking more like a baby. She smiles all the time. I know they aren't real yet, but they are funny! The other night she was fussy, and I was tired. I was trying it all, walking, bouncing, etc, etc. She just looked up and smiled like "ah, this fool! She'll do anything I want if I just fuss a bit!"

In the afternoons, we've always gone outside after Mary's nap. We are still doing that and usually Ellie sleeps in the stroller. But yesterday she didn't want to nap.

(For the record, in theory I am totally anti-paci. I'm happy to nurse her 24/7. But she's an over eater. And a puker. She gushes. So a couple weeks ago, I gave her a paci. I'm hoping it's short term. Otherwise, she'll nurse and nurse and get too much and puke and still be hungry.)

Once the weather gets too cold to go out daily, I've been thinking I am going to do some sort of home school pre-school stuff with Mary. I think I can probably teach her to read this winter. She's already really curious about what letters "smell" words. You know, like S T O P "smells" stop. The other day I was working in the kitchen and I heard her say "P I E....pie!"

I was amazed! Sometimes she'll line up random letters and tell me it says a word. So, since she's into it I'm going to teach her as much as she wants to learn this winter. I'm really excited about it.

Well, as usual, I've been sitting here on the computer while Mary watches morning cartoons and Ellie's asleep. I didn't think she'd fall asleep when I put her in the pack and play. I could have showered! I could have gotten more coffee! But here I sit and blog and surf.