Friday, February 25, 2011

Book slings and butterflies

I am making slow but steady progress on Mary's room. I'm down to the details, which makes JUST painting the room seem like easy work.

Her old book sling fabric wasn't going to work with her pink walls. Plus it was four feet long and had started to sag a bit in the middle.

I still liked the idea though, so we put up two new ones (plus reused the old hardware) and made them all 32 inches long.

One night in the middle of the night, I finally had an idea of what to do with them. I got them all made, but the middle one didn't hang right. Plus, I'd just put an "m" on it, and Mary didn't care for it. I fixed the seam that wasn't right and started over on the letters. I hand stitched them on as I knew I could do a better job that way. I bought the butterflies for probably less than a dollar for all three. I'd had them for almost a year and a half! I'd painted them white, but didn't like them. I think I did them with craft paint first, then tried spray painting them too. This time I did them with craft paint again. I tried to glaze them and.....the craft paint came off! Ugh. I swear I spent 4 or 6 hours painting, ruining, scrubbing all the paint off, and then painting them again. The joys of crafting.

Now for the curtains. I have them cut and hemmed. I just need to sew in the linings and do the tops. Before I could hem them, I needed to move the rods up and out a bit. I got the holes measured and drilled. I got the brackets on the walls. I grabbed the rod. It was too freaking short!!! Am I the only one that has this many dang problems with projects? They were rods I bought in 2000 and moved from our old house. I ran out today and got new ones. Hopefully there won't be any more bumps, and I can get her curtains done this weekend.

Mary has a loose tooth. She told me this morning her tooth hurt. I looked at it and saw it was loose. I told her, and she was so excited. The look on her face was priceless. She was so proud of herself. I, on the other hand, am heartbroken. It makes her seem so grown up. I'll probably bawl my eyes out when it actually comes out. She's my baby! She cannot be losing her first tooth. Didn't it just come in the other day??

Look at those rolls people!!!! Oh and her (barely there) first tooth.

It's supposed to be 50 degrees on Sunday. I see spray painting in my future.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

You have done magic! The girl's rooms are awesome. I love it all!

I wish we could come play in the 50' weather with you all!