Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrifty finds - Indianapolis style

I had such a good time on Saturday. It was a great day off work for sure. I didn't get the find of a lifetime, but that's okay. We also hit Target as there isn't one here.

I put it all out on the dining room table before stashing it away. I found a wooden bowl, frames, a man's shirt (which was technically on my list, but I forgot about it). I did not find tables or lamps. Oh well. Next time maybe.

The Easter eggs are from Dollar Tree and are for a project. The pumpkins are in the "to be spray painted pile" already. I loved the vintage cardinal print, but it needs a different frame. Or I'll spray paint that frame too. Pretty butterfly frame from Target. Wreath form from DT. Glass jar for Mary. Mom bought me the painting with the gold frame. She had it already and gave it to me Saturday. I'm thinking spray paint there too. Oh, and a random little Christmas tree that I absolutely love.

Various frames for a project. The one with the little poem in it says "How to be a Mean Mother" and is hilarious. I'm saving it for sure. The crazy bright shirt is for me. We didn't look at clothes, but it caught my eye as I walked by it.

I bought one more thing. It's a mirror for Ellie's room. I got it at Target and paid full price. Shocking, I know! I'll get a picture of it once I hang it up.

I have a million projects started and/or to do. And yet all I want to do in my free time is to knit my log cabin blanket. It finally feels like I am making progress on it.

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