Sunday, February 6, 2011


I have to tell myself I am getting there. I have to just keep going. Mary has asked for her room back. Hopefully tomorrow. I am currently waiting for the caulk on the trim to dry. I can paint it tonight. Then the baseboards and door trim will have two coats of paint on it. I can pull up the painters tape from the floor. We can put her stuff back. I will still need to put another coat of paint the window trim, but I can work around her stuff. I didn't get to the windows last night so they are off sequence with everything else. It took me an hour and a half last night to do the baseboards and door trim. Maybe I am slow. Or maybe it is the fact that I refuse to use painters tape on the walls and therefore must be super careful. Either way, it is simply time consuming. My hope tonight is to start about 8pm and do all the trim including the windows. That will probably take me almost two and a half hours. I am already exhausted. But the end is in sight!

John and I have signed up for Netflix again. On the nights that we have been watching movies I have been knitting.

Jar cozies. Why? Because I have scrap yarn and these babies are mindless knitting. I keep seeing online projects where people are cutting up cable knit sweaters and covering vases or jars with them. I have no sweaters to cut up, so I just knit them instead.

I guess I should clean or something while I am waiting on this caulk to dry.

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