Thursday, February 3, 2011

blogging so I don't go insane (snow day #3)

School is closed for the third day in a row. We got an email that they are hoping it will open tomorrow.

The sun is shining today. Everything is dripping and melting. Some of the trees have ice on them, but others don't. I guess it blew off? It's quite strange. Even though it snowed almost all day yesterday there is hardly any snow. Today I went outside for the first time in 3 days. I stepped out and realized I was on top of ice. The entire yard is hard as a rock. Under the snow it is as slick as an ice rink. I jumped up and down. The ice broke. It was 2 inches thick. I bought a huge piece in for the girls. They tried to eat it.

Yesterday I decided I needed some new art work for the entry table.

I gave Ellie red paint, white paint, and a piece of paper. I grabbed a good ol' 50 cent frame from my thrift store stash. I gave Mary some white paint and the frame. Tada! Some Valentine art.

I made this runner on Monday night. I'm usually not a red person, but I thought it would be cute for Valentine's Day.

On Tuesday night while the power was flickering, I rushed to make a new cover with the roosters. I wanted something red for the chair, but nothing with hearts. The other pillow is a wool sweater that I bought at a yard sale last summer.

Working on Mary's room too. I got all the trim primed and the walls cut in with primer. I'll roll the walls once John's off work. Then I hope to cut in the pink wall paint tonight after the girls are in bed. I wonder if I am brave enough to try to roll the walls tomorrow while Mary's at school, and I have Ellie with me. It's easier to work if they are both here and can entertain each other by fighting, er, I mean playing like angels together.

Oh! I hear it "she TOUCHED me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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