Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shopping list

I'm going on an adventure with my Mom on Saturday. She's scoped out several thrift stores in Indy, and we plan to hit them all. Or at least as many as we can before we get sick of looking at junk.

I thought it would be fun to make a shopping list.

1. Bedside tables for our bedroom. We have tables there now, but I'd love to find a matched pair. I have measurements so I am looking for something fairly specific.

2. wooden bowl for a project.

3. art--cheap, vintage. I'd love to find some old paint by numbers.

4. mirror for Ellie's room.

5. frames. Thinking of starting a gallery wall with pics of the girls.

6. lamp (s) for Mary's room. I'd love to find a matching pair. One for her dresser and one for her desk. Something funky that I can spray paint hot pink.

Of course I can't find it all, and I wouldn't pay much more than a buck or two for most of the items besides the bedside tables. It will be fun to see what I can find though. I'll report back when I return!

The fabric for Mary's curtains has shipped. I have a couple of really good coupons to Jo-Ann's so I am going to line them with black out fabric. Mary and I are planning to have a little shopping trip there (just the two of us) on Sunday. She's taking her own money and is very excited.

Now, I knit!

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