Sunday, August 3, 2008

For Mary......and a real surprise!

I am packing a little bag of gifts for Mary for the hospital. That way, when she comes to visit me, she'll have some new things and also will have something to do instead of just sit there. My friend Karen sent me this link last October on how to use a plastic grocery bag as a pattern to make a cloth bag. I was going to make one for Mary for her birthday back in January, but the first trimester was in full swing. So I never got to it. I dug up the link this weekend and made the bag out of some material in my stash. It was really simple! I want to make a few more to stick in my car for when I go shopping for small things. So far in the bag I have 2 books, a pad of construction paper and some stickers. I want to get an 8 pack of crayons and put some white paper in there too.

Yesterday John started to clean out our shed and is in the process of organizing it and the garage. This project has been on our to do list for a year since we moved here. The shed is great for junk, but it's all just thrown in there and really impossible to get to anything. He had almost everything out when he found a guest!

He said he wasn't sure if the skunk was dead or alive at first, but then it rolled over and looked at him like "I'm trying to sleep here!" So, he put the project on hold. It was still there in the evening, but was gone after dark. I looked this morning, and it wasn't there today. I wonder if the skunk lives in there. The shed is super old and the doors don't close very well, so we won't be able to keep it out if it does live there.

I'm down to the last few items on my to do list! I am washing the car seat cover today, and we are getting the co-sleeper back from John's Mom. She borrowed it while she kept Mary's cousin Lucas for a few days. The very last think I hope to get to is knit some longies. I have my schedule pretty clear if the yarn shows up on time. I ordered it through a co-op, and it was custom hand dyed in Uruguay. The lady who ordered it for us has it and is now sorting through 250 plus skeins of yarn. Once she packs it up and mails it, I'll be a knitting fool! Unless of course Firecracker shows up early. Only 25 days to go!

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

WOW! You are getting so much done! I am so impressed. Thanks for reminding me of that pattern. Those are easy to make, and very useful too!
Have a great Sunday ! :)