Monday, August 4, 2008

Nine years in the making!

The most amazing thing happened today! My "Aunt Gertie Plant" bloomed! The real name for the plant is a Hoya. I've had this bad boy for nine years, and it has never bloomed. My great, great Aunt Gertie had a plant like this when I was a child. So when I saw this plant nine years ago, I bought it because it reminded me of her. Today I went to water the plant and was amazed to see the bloom. If you've never seen one, they almost look fake. The flowers look like plastic. It's so pretty though. Here's a pic of the entire plant. It's pretty big. It was tiny when I got it.
I read up on how to get it to bloom when I first got it, but I never had any luck. I wonder what I finally did right. Maybe it's that it lives in the kitchen and I actually remember to water it once in a while. Mom is going to be so excited when she sees these pictures!

I got a decent amount of stuff done today, vacuumed 5 rooms of the house, dusted, did laundry and put some away. Tomorrow Mary is spending the afternoon with Grandma, and I am going to run the last of my 'baby errands.' I don't need a lot, but want to look several places, and it's hard to get Mary in and out of the car several times. It just wears me out.

Back to making progress on the super long list I made yesterday afternoon. Not sure what I'll do with myself if I get it done.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

That plant is pretty!

bummer you didn't get your package today...that mail man lied to me! :(
Maybe tues!