Thursday, August 28, 2008


Have you ever had a day where you were just really hungry? That's how I felt today. I wanted to eat everything in the house. After dinner, we went down to feed John's Dad's horses. They were hungry too. Mr. Blue was so hungry, I thought he was going to climb into our car.
That's through the front window of the car, before I could even get out. The silly horse doesn't even really know us (they just got him 3 weeks ago), but he sure knew it was dinner time!

The other new horse is Miss Ginger. I can't wait to ride her this fall! She's still adjusting to her new home, but I am hoping she and I will get along. She's a pretty big horse. Much larger than the one I had growing up.

John and Mary went into the barn to get the grain. Chico (the horse they got last fall) was in his stall waiting. (He's always starving too! and he's a really messy eater...half his grain falls on the floor in his attempt to eat as fast as possible) Mr. Blue decided to wait outside. Mr. Blue is tiny. John's Dad bought him for the kids to ride. I really hope Mary can learn to ride this fall.

I wish I had a good picture of Chico. He's the largest horse I've ever been around. I guess we just had tiny horses when I was a kid. Anyway, he's super friendly but a little intimidating. He's been living alone all spring and summer. I hope he's glad to have some new friends.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Those are great pics! That is so cool! I bet Mary loves it!

I bet you will be in labor soon! They say you crave carbs like crazy a day or so before going into labor! :)