Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yearly trip to see our friends!

We were in Evansville last week. John had to go down there for work, so the girls and I tagged along to see old friends. We had so much fun! Thank you Karen, Kevin, Amelia and Miles for hosting us. I'm already looking forward to next year.

We played outside every day.

They jumped off the trampoline into the pool. Karen and I were amazed that no one broke an arm.

Ellie loved it!!

Mary looks hungry and worn out, but we weren't done yet!

I wonder if Ellie ate this or just put it back in the bowl.

We (well, Karen) let them paint the side of their shed. It's washable paint, but now I'm wondering when it will rain down there.

Ellie decided to paint herself instead.

Best friends! I was so happy to see Mary and Amelia play together so well.

I came home ready to get stuff done. I didn't take any crafting stuff with me at all last week. In fact, I hadn't crafted for about a week before the trip either. Karen's a crafty person too. Her house is full of stuff she's made. I love seeing it all. I got right to work on this quilted table runner.

It isn't quite done. I am so happy with it! Not perfect by any means, but I did my best. It was my first quilting project.

The dining room is still all torn up. I guess I jumped the gun a bit in tearing the paneling. Oh well. We don't use the dining room very often anyway. The good news is that they should be starting soon. The windows are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow! I'm waiting to hear from the contractor as to when he'll be able to start. Yippie!

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MelissaChaffin said...

I was glad we got to see you again this year. It is amazing how much the girls grow each time! You have two sweet girls...wish we could see you all more often! Take care, Melissa