Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Slowly but surely.

The view from my desk in the kitchen.

It's a bit brighter and with a tiny hint of green in real life. It's cloudy today so I can't get a great picture. Still need to put another coat of paint on it tonight. Then John's custom cutting, routing, and installing the new trim. He'll do that this weekend. Then I'll prime and paint it (white) and paint the window too.

My old view:

I still need to make the curtains too. They shouldn't take too long. I would have already made them but wasn't quite sure how high I'd be able to hang the rods. All the old furniture is going back in as is. I have some new accessories though. I've been saving them in the basement as I find them at thrift stores, yard sales, etc.

I seriously cannot wait to see this room put together.

(and then start the next one)

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Mandy said...

I love the color! Looks great.