Friday, July 16, 2010

a busy week

I am so glad it is Friday! I feel like we are, in some ways, back in the swing of things after our trip. And yet, this week was complete chaos. On Tuesday, they started installing the new windows. As they started to remove the first one, I thought the house was going to fall down. Turns out the way you removed old windows is to saw them out. It was loud. The house was shaking. I took all the pictures off the exterior walls. It took two days for them to get all the old windows out and the new ones in. Now they are working on the trim work of the exterior. I think they have another day or two of work. I love the new windows. Pics to come when I get them maybe in a year? Hopefully it won't take that long.

John snapped this picture while we were making breakfast Monday morning.

They both wanted to help him make coffee.

Here's a crazy picture I took today about 15 minutes before John got off work. The kitchen exploded. If you look closely, you can see the new windows. And blueberry muffins in the oven.

Seriously. I never let the kitchen counter get this bad.

The trash can was in the sink. There were clean dishes from last night that needed put away. On top of them, clean kitchen laundry that also needed to be put away. Our mess from making muffins. Dirty dishes that weren't even organized/stacked up to be washed tonight. Oh well, it's life.

I was so hoping they would have the dining room ready to be painted when they left today. But it needs a final sanding. So I will have to wait.

The lighter joint compound is where they have patched. In the corner, next to the ceiling, and down every other stud where the paneling was nailed. I should go count the holes. I am sure there are 100. Curtain rods, pictures, etc. etc. 45 years of holes. They are supposed to finish up sanding and cleaning up on Monday. There's about an inch of dust on everything in there. Ick. I am so very glad I didn't try to do this myself. I told John that when I get freshly painted walls, I might not even be able to bring myself to hang anything on them.

We've got a to do list that's a mile long this weekend. If we get through half of it, I will be happy.

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