Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm glad it is Friday.

Ellie is sick with a stomach virus. I'm waiting for the rest of us to get it. I don't think I got any real sleep last night. Coffee is my friend. That and hand sanitizer.

These little butterflies love the coneflowers. We have a lot of butterflies in the yard this year. I love it! I want to plant more flowers to attract them.

I have gotten so much joy out of these flowers. They are stunning. The row of them is almost 30 feet long.

I got the binding on my table runner done. I washed it up yesterday and one of the seams frayed. Ugh. I actually didn't even get very upset. I got my sewing machine back out last night and fixed it the best I could. I doubt anyone would notice but me. It's certainly not perfect, but I love it. I wish the brown fabric with the white flowers looked a bit better. The design wasn't printed on the fabric squarely. But it reminds me of my Mamaw Judy, so I used anyway.

Now I need a new project. I wonder if I can squeeze one more in before they start working on the dining room.

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