Monday, June 2, 2008

Thanks, Mom!

My Mom came over for a visit on Saturday. We had a nice chat, some good turkey sandwiches for lunch, and she got to see Mary drum and dance while I read nursery rhymes:). Before she left, she gave me some belated Mother's Day cash--wooohoo! She told me to spend it on myself. Huh. I never spend money on myself. I buy yarn and make things for Mary or to give as gifts. I guess those things are gifts for me in a way, because I love knitting so much. But then the end product goes off to someone else. So I spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about what I would buy. Then I had a great thought! I could use the money to make a clothespin apron! So after some quick Googling, I had some free instructions from this blog.

Here's my new apron! I am going to do laundry tomorrow just so I can use it when I hang things out on the line. I got 100 new wooden clothes pins too! (I always run out of pins before I run out of line OR clothes) And I have four dollars left over.

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Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

SO COOL! I am so impressed with your mad sewing skills! :) Wish those skills were contagious!