Monday, June 30, 2008

Nesting...I hope

I am starting to get an overwhelming feeling that there's SO MUCH to do before the baby is born. I am glad I have a decent amount of energy and my back has been feeling pretty well. I finally feel like I got the hang of making newborn sized diapers! Then I ran out of elastic and velcro. Argh. Going to the store tonight to get some more. I am really ready for this project to be over so that I can move on to the next thing.

That's the first 4 I got done. I have one more white/bears done, and have 4 more almost done. I should finish them tonight once I get my supplies.

THEN....I have some shirts on their way to me which I want to dye. Then I have some small prefolds (diapers) coming which I am thinking about converting to prefitteds (cutting them into a different shape so I won't have to fold them every time and adding elastic to the legs) and/or dyeing those. I am hoping to get some yarn from a co-op right before the baby is born which will be enough for 4 pairs of longies that I'd like to have done before the baby arrives. Who knows when/if I'll have time to knit after the baby arrives. I also found a pattern on how to make a fitted sheet for our co-sleeper. I actually bought flannel to make a sheet when Mary was little and never got around to it. let's see, oh, the hutch is almost done. The doors are on, and I am working on painting them. And I want to make a window covering for the kitchen windows. I have fabric I think I can use and we have a spare curtain rod. What else??? Oh, a knitted rug that nearly killed me and I only finished 2/3 of it. Surely there's more. And how many days left? 59!!!

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Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

WOWSERS! You ARE nesting...There is NO doubt! Please make a road trip and get some things done here!!! ;)