Sunday, June 15, 2008

DIY and a busy weekend

One of the good things about crafting items yourself is that you can fix them if they don't turn out exactly right. I made these longies for the baby a while back:

I looked online several places to see what a small inseam should be. Then as I was making the cuffs, I realized that they were too short. I have no idea why I started the cuffs before they were long enough. I stuck them in the re-do pile and finally got back to them yesterday. Here's one leg redone and the other one still short.

Here they are done, almost 2 inches longer than they were before. I thought I had plenty of yarn to finish them, but by the last few rows I was pretty nervous. When I was done, there was only about 4 feet of yarn left.

The yarn I dyed up a couple weeks ago (pictured below) turned into a beautiful little soaker. I was going to trim the legs in orange, but didn't have enough left to do that so I did it in the body color.

This is what yarn looks like right after it's dyed. This will be either a soaker or shorties for Firecracker. It should be dry tomorrow.

So, that's what I've been up to since Thursday. I also got a little bit more done on the hutch. John's working on the shelves and had to re-do the parts where the drawers slide in and the thingy that holds them up. Yesterday we worked outside on landscaping. This afternoon we went swimming which made Mary very happy! Then we had a cookout which was tasty. For dessert, I picked these mulberries off the tree right outside the back of the house.

That's a 6 cup container almost half way full. I picked those in probably 5 minutes. I like them plain, but I think tomorrow I'll buy some vanilla ice cream and pick another 3-4 cups of them. Yum!


Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

AWWW! Those are cute..and small! Makes me remember how small a newborn is, and how big my babies are! :)

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