Friday, April 29, 2011

Pinwheels and Ellie's bed

Last December, I bought these fabrics to make a Christmas table runner. I knew there was no way I'd get to it last year. I figured if I started now, I wouldn't be in the Christmas rush to get it done this year. I have the blocks done. I need to add a little strip of plain fabric between each block, then a border on the sides and ends. I'll free motion quilt it. I am not sure what kind of fabric to use for the binding. It might have to sit for a while after I get it quilted.

Ellie's bed is done and back in her room. I tried to wait for a sunny day to get a picture, but then gave up on there ever being one. Or course today is sunny, but I already have this picture. I spray painted it Krylon's Sun Yellow.

Paint job number one from last winter.

It looks better to me. Probably not worth the effort I put into it though. Gah. It would look better if the walls weren't yellow. But Ellie loves her yellow room. I'm done messing with it for now.

John's given me a list of miscellaneous jobs we need to get done around the house, then we can move onto remodeling the next room!

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Lisa said...

I LOVE the bright yellow!