Thursday, April 7, 2011

A brown and yellow spring

I am ready for some leaves on the trees and some green grass too! I think this is the longest spring ever. About three weeks ago, it got really warm. Then it got super cold. Somehow my new daffodils survived.

I'm really excited about this area pictured above. In the middle is an old stump. It was the tree that knocked our power out (for 91 hours) in September 2008. John split all the wood but left it right there in a pile. All of the bark, twigs, and leaves sort of composted in place and now the dirt is excellent there. On Sunday I planted 2 rose of sharon bushes on the back side. I put in some stargazer lilies. This is where Mary had her zinnias last year, so we'll plant more there this year too.

I'm going to plant a row of giant sunflowers next to this part of the fence. The fence is basically our property line. The grassy part on the other side belongs to John's Dad. It was all weeds and thorny bushes until last spring when John decided to clean it out. It looks so much better now. John mows it now to keep the weeds from coming back. The first picture in this post is right out of shot here, up and to the left. The driveway turns and that's where the stump is.

Both the planter boxes by the garage are planted in daffodils. They just started blooming. Once they are done, I'll plant all the bulbs (150) in the yard somewhere. Then I'll buy more bulbs this fall for the planter boxes next spring. My dream is to have ten thousand daffodils in our yard. They multiply quickly, right? We've put in about 500 since we've lived here. Some single bulbs have already turned into 5-6 bulbs which could be dug up and divided.

Here's a close up. I really need to go outside when the garage door isn't open and take a picture. My car is in the garage, and if I take a picture of both planter boxes my license plate will show. I'm too lazy to edit it out. Maybe more daffodils will bloom in the next few days, and I'll remember.

See? It's brown out there. Maybe the grass is green and the weeds are brown? Or the weeds are green and the grass is brown?

The above area is this weekend's project. This area is the poppy garden. There used to be a dead tree there, but John cut it down and put in a new maple tree for me. I planted the hyacinths. There's a few daffodils in there too. Maybe I'll put more in someday. There are these little yellow wildflowers too that are just starting to bloom. John's going to dig up the "back" of this area, and we'll go over to our trusty tree line and get some daylilies. Maybe we'll move some other stuff too. I bought some perennial daisy seeds yesterday, but they won't bloom until next year. They will be in there too.

This fancy little guy came in a package of boring ol' yellow daffodils. Guess he didn't get the memo to be yellow, so I took his picture.

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