Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I never said "After"

Dining room last summer.

And I am certainly not saying it now! But, I could say something like "closer" or "another item off the list" or something else that gives me an out so I can change things up later.

This picture hides the hole that's still there from the old fixture.

This one doesn't.

Why on earth wasn't the old electrical box centered in the room? When the old chandelier was there, the person sitting on that side of the table would hit their head when sitting down or getting up. We took it out and put in a cheap flush mount fixture the summer we moved in.

Sick of this picture yet? Last June.

Old chandelier.

I really wanted to get a picture from this angle again, but the table that's in that corner is full of junk, plus it's raining AGAIN today. I took a picture but it was super dark. If the sun EVER comes out again, I'll take one.

It feels like a real dining room now!

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