Friday, April 22, 2011

The do-over.

Primed. Again.

The moment I moved Ellie's bed into her room (in December), I didn't like the color. But I had talked up the new bed, new room thing so much that I just had to go with it. When I looked at the paint for the bed next to the paint chip for the wall, the bed color seemed a lot brighter. It was paint I already had, so I was happy not to have to buy more paint. Once I moved the bed in there though, it was almost the same color as the walls. It was not what I had envisioned at all.

This week, John has been gone. I had the perfect opportunity to paint it. Ellie and I have been sleeping in Mary's room with her. I moved Ellie's box springs and mattress in there just on the floor. I moved the frame out into the garage on Monday. And there it sat. The only time I had to work on it was after the girls were asleep. I just didn't have the energy. So when Ellie was with John's Mom this morning, I finally got started.

Pictures of the updated color when I get it back into her room. I hope I like it!

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