Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Repurposed art.

Remember this thrifty purchase? I only bought it for the frame. I didn't even look at the picture to be honest. It was a 50 cent frame which was a great price, and the shape was good for what I needed. When I got home, I thought the art was sort of pretty. My Mom saw it when she was here last summer and seemed to like it too. So I (of course!) saved it.

I found another 50 cent frame at the same independent thrift store a while back. I really loved the shape.

I gave it to Mom on Saturday. I still like the art, but it just isn't my style. It will look better at her house.

Mary's desk is either done or is getting a third coat of paint tonight. She saw it last night and is happy. I'm glad I let her pick the color. I'm still hoping to have it done by her birthday.

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