Sunday, January 23, 2011

(almost) Five

How does this:

Mary--3 days old.

Turn into this:
Mary--two days before her 5th birthday

in just 5 years?

Mary is one of those kids that has gotten easier over time. She was a difficult baby. She was a crazy, emotional toddler. I think that 5 is going to be her best year yet. She loves school. She loves reading and writing. Meltdowns are few and farther between. She can make many of her own decisions and likes having the freedom to do so.

Mary and John had a little jam session after her party today. She can't really play yet, but she can strum the guitar and loved playing along with John. She knows the words to the songs he plays for her. So she "played" along and sang her heart out. She seems very interested in playing, so we will are going to look into lessons. She's always been very musical. Maybe she'll be a rock star some day.

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