Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ellie's room.

Welcome to Ellie's room!

View from the door.

Chalkboard painted closet doors.

Artwork over her bed. I'd had these prints almost 10 years and never used them.

Cheap cork board that I spray painted fancied up a bit.

Ellie's been living in her room for a couple weeks now. There are still a couple minor things to finish up, but today was a good day to get pictures while she played in her bed. I don't have true before pictures. This room was Mary's room when we moved here, but the room is so small we ended up giving her the bigger bedroom. My plan was to keep this room as the guest room while the girls shared the other bedroom. But then Mary was so possessive of her stuff that it just seemed easier to give Ellie this room. So, this room was light green with wood toned trim. John replaced all the trim and added quarter round. I painted the door white too (like the ones in the entry and dining room) but didn't get a picture of it. We put the closet doors back up after I painted them with chalkboard paint. The doors are too short for some odd reason, so John added a piece of trim above them. I still need to paint that white, and then when the weather is warmer I want to use chalkboard spray paint on the track that holds the doors. I need to find a bigger rug too.

Overall, I am happy with how her room turned out. It needs a few more little things to look lived in though. Ellie doesn't seem to notice, so I am not in a hurry.

Next up, Mary's room. I'm hoping start after her birthday party (in just 3 weeks!!) and be done before we go skiing in March.

I'm working like mad on my log cabin blanket. It's so slow going.

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Mandy said...

You are so talented! I seriously love it.