Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

This week is over! Well, at least school is. There's a teacher work today tomorrow, and the school is closed Monday too. Tomorrow we are heading out to see my side of the family for the weekend.

I got my runner washed and dried. It didn't fall apart! I think maybe I am getting the hang of sewing. The first runner I made last summer had a seam come loose and fray out in the washer the first time I washed it.

This was Mary's second week of full day school. She's adjusting well. I thought she would be a grump in the late afternoons, but she has been fine. I think that 5 is going to be a really good year for her. Her birthday is in 12 days.

Above is her new desk. I got it (I think??) in December. Mom, the girls and I went thrifting together. I thought it was funny how Mom didn't even bat an eye when I bought it. I remembered when she thought I was crazy when she saw the TV stand before I painted it. She's caught the thrifting bug too now. I think it's funny. She thought I was crazy when I bought my brass turned black lamp too. Now she refuses to pay full price for anything. I've taught her well.

When I saw the desk, I thought I'd paint it white. Then I realized a white desk for a child probably isn't a good idea. The night I started working on it, I thought maybe I'd paint it light green. I think we still have some left over paint from painting Mary's walls in her old room. I thought the light green would look great with the existing hardware (and match her rug). I was excited. I came upstairs to get Mary's opinion, and she cried. So much for green. It isn't my desk so I'm painting it the color she wants. I'm really hoping to have it done by her birthday. I think I should unless something goes really wrong.

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