Friday, November 5, 2010


I think the subject pretty much says it all. All four of us have colds. We are miserable. Actually I feel a little better today. I'm hoping we are on the upswing. I'm hoping we might be able to get some things done this weekend.

I did manage to start my Christmas knitting last Saturday. I'm about a quarter done with the first gift. I ordered, received, and cut the fabric for a table runner that I am making for Mom. I'm hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving so I can give it to her early. That way she'll be able to use it this season. It's going to be red and white which are her Christmas colors this year.

I've primed Ellie's bed and dresser. The bed was in worse shape than I thought, but still a great deal for ten dollars. The paint was chipped in many places, and I spent a long time sanding it down before I primed. I'm hoping to paint the dresser tonight. It will be gray. The walls will be yellow with white trim. I'm heavily leaning towards yellow for the bed. I want to get the dresser painted first and then think about it some more. All I know is that I want her room done SOON. At least enough for her to move in. She's getting too big for her toddler bed. Well maybe not too big, but she's a floppy sleeper. She needs more room than she has in her toddler bed.

That makes it sound like I've done a lot this week. But I feel like I am moving in slow motion.

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