Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm in full on Christmas mode

Mom's runner is done! I'm pretty proud of it. Picture to come after she gets it next Saturday. I'm making a couple other little gifts for her too.

John's Mom's gift is almost half way done. I need to get back to it soon. Mary told me today she wants a scarf for Christmas. So I guess I need to squeeze that in too. And the girls main gifts too. I am feeling the crunch for sure.

Of course, then I go and start a project for me!

This is my tree skirt. The red panel goes towards the front. It will be free motion quilted and trimmed out in red bias tape. I've been dreaming of making this skirt since I saw it in late June/early July! It is going to look awesome in the blue dining room. I am so ready to put the tree up.

I thought I was done with Ellie's furniture, but the "lint free" cloth I used for the poly coat wasn't lint free at all. The dresser and the bookshelf look awful. I'll be sanding them down, repainting, and then getting a better cloth to apply the darn poly. They are going to have to wait a couple weeks. John did get all the supplies to work on her room. So we just need to find time to work on it.

I have a feeling I am going to fall asleep with Ellie tonight in her toddler bed at 8:30pm.

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