Saturday, October 2, 2010

The two dollar mirror

A few weeks ago, I was on my way to Lowes for supplies for the entry way. John had asked his Mom to watch the girls for us so that he could work on his part of the entry way while I was out shopping. I had two hours. On the drive in to town, I called my Mom to see if she still needed more mirrors. I had been looking here and there, but hadn't had any luck. I also had a price point. For a dollar fifty, it would have to be a pretty cool mirror. I'd given her previous ones that cost--free, fifty cents, and I think a dollar. Two dollars was really more than I had planned to spend. So after Lowes, I had maybe 20 minutes to spare. I quickly went over to the little independent store I love. I'll be honest. It is sort of creepy inside, and it is in a bad neighborhood. I saw a mirror on the wall and it was two dollars. I almost didn't give it a second look. But I am so glad I did.

Look! It's our garage ceiling! The paint was still wet on it tonight, and I am giving it to Mom tomorrow. It was plain wood before. I had to do a little repair work on it, and we had to replace the back. Tonight while the mirror was out, I weighed it. Just the mirror (without the frame) weighs just over 8 pounds. The back is stamped "Lenior Mirror Company February 1928." I am slightly sad that I am giving it away. I know Mom will love it though, and I also know that she will give it back to me if/when she's done with it.

I left the price tag on it for her:)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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