Thursday, October 14, 2010

Entry way: before and close enough to after

Close enough for pictures that is.

Old view from the front door.

From the kitchen.

Looking into the kitchen.

I love this little corner.

Here's my oh dear, what have I done moment.

So John was out of town for a week, and this is what I got to look at for several days. I was doubting my vision to put up new wood trim over the paneling. I told myself that even if I hated the paneling after it was painted, I wouldn't tell John. That I would live with it for at least 20 years before I made him rip out all the trim he had bought, cut, routed, and installed. Well, thank goodness I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View from the front door now.

(I need a new lamp, so I just borrowed the dinning room centerpiece. And I really wish I'd centered the painting and table.)

Still need to install my new light fixture.

Loving my green front door with a new doorknob.

This is my view down the hallway as I blog.

So that' ceiling trim installed, new baseboards and quarter round, new door trim. New plywood floor (gave up on saving the old one) painted with floor and porch paint then polyurethane applied over the paint, doors sanded down, trim added, painted, hinges painted and new knobs installed. Walls and trim all painted in a white semi-gloss. Front door painted in a green semi-gloss. New rug from Ikea. I had the table and the painting in another room. I wonder if I forgot anything? I think that's all we've done so far. I still need to paint the backs of the closet doors. The knob isn't installed on the chalkboard door as the trim around the chalkboard doesn't leave enough space for the new knob. John will have to fix that. The "new" light needs to be installed. It's an awesome $5 yard sale find.

Now, I sleep.....well, tonight.

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Lizz said...

That looks GREAT Amanda!