Sunday, October 3, 2010

October to do

Working on the entry way is so slow going. But we are getting there. I hope to be done by....hmmm. Maybe another week? I really hope so. Then I plan on doing several small projects so I can feel like I've actually done something this fall. We've been working on the entry way for a month already. I hate long projects. I like instant results.

1. Finish knitting Ellie's cabled longies.
2. Knit hat for Mary.
3. Knit hat for Ellie.
4. Sew fall table runner for dining room.
5. work on shelf area over my desk. New shelves? Paint?? Hide intercom??

See?? I took the cabinet doors down the day we moved in. But those little round side shelves are all hanging by a thread I'm thinking of of taking them off and running 2 or 3 shelves across there. But the intercom is in the way. I don't want to take it out and patch the wall. Too much work. I'm thinking of making shelves out of a 1x12 that I already have. Then painting them and just those two cabinets. To the right of this is the refrigerator, and two cabinets over it. I'd leave those brown. There's no way I'm painting all the kitchen cabinets, but I think if I just paint over the desk it will look okay. Plus if I don't remove/patch the intercom, I can do this for free. And have more space for my books.

Alright. Where was I?

6. Paint Ellie's dresser. (Ellie's moving to her own room soon!)
7. Plant the 300-ish daffodil bulbs I bought/saved this year. Most are going into my planter boxes by the garage. The girls and I got 150 or so planted this morning.

Stay tuned!

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