Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mini Vacation

We are home from our Chicago trip. It went so well. I wanted to write this long blog post about every little detail, but I'm just too worn out. Thursday we drove up there, Friday we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo and then a get together for out of town guests who would be attending John's brother's wedding. Saturday we got up, went to the playground for a couple hours, then out to lunch with a bunch of people. Saturday night was the wedding. We stayed until some crazy hour....10:30pm Central I 11:30pm 4 hours after bedtime. Mary wanted to stay and DANCE!!! so we let her of course. Sunday we drove home. Mary, Miss I DON'T NAP, took two naps in the car.

As crazy as it was, we had fun. It was a great family trip. It made me look forward to family trips yet to come. The girls did so well. They put up with the long hours, the long, boring meals where grown ups sat an visited, and the long, long car drive home. They were troopers. I am proud of them.


Lincoln Park Zoo. It was so beautiful. There were many, many mass plantings of tulips and daffodils. The trees were blooming. And in the background, we could see the city skyline.

The girls taking a break. We decided not to take the stroller to Chicago this year. It worked out fine. Ellie hates being confined anyway. They walked or we carried them. Other people at the zoo probably felt sorry for us. One lady actually saw us switch kids....I had to quit carrying Mary. She's just too big. The lady asked "When is someone going to carry you?"

My sweet princesses! That's right, I'm dressing them the same until they are too big to stop me. They even had matching shoes.

My hottie and me! John looked so handsome. It had been almost 6 years since John had worn a suit.

The girls and their cousin Sophia killing time before the reception.

I love this picture.

When in doubt, give the kids a glass of ice. Free entertainment!

Dance, Mary, Dance! She told me yesterday that she wanted to go back to the wedding and dance more. She also told me that at her wedding, it's going to be all dancing! No ceremony, no dinner. Just dancing! I can hardly wait.

What a great trip. What wonderful memories we made. I have a wonderful family. I am so very blessed.


Angie said...

Love it! What a great post Amanda. Your family is adorable.

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

You and John are so skinny! I think you both look 5 yrs younger! :)

The girls look adorable! Ellie isn't a baby anymore!