Monday, May 10, 2010

A very tall TV fairy and a new pet!

I don't even have a before pic of the old TV set up. Just imagine a HUGE thing that held a HUGE TV. You know, like half the people in America have. It was massive. Not too tall, but wide. And heavy. John nearly killed himself getting it out of here. When we had to go down two steps with it in the garage, I thought for sure we'd drop it and smash it (we had it up on a cart with wheels). But it made it to the garage. Now we just need to figure out what to do with it.

BUT!!! We got the new TV installed!!

John held up a piece of cardboard the size of the TV, and I told him it looked great! But then when we got the actual TV up, it was about 4-5 inches higher than we thought it would be. And don't mind the intercom, it will get taken out and the hole patched. Someday. And then we can paint! Woot! I love painting! We need a "new" lamp too. I got one Saturday at a consignment store. It's brass. Mom gave me another "oh" when I told her it was exactly what I wanted. I got it home, and it was too tall. I took it half apart last night. There's one section at the top I can remove. Once we (and by we, I mean John and his hacksaw. And then some epoxy.) do that and reassemble it, I can paint it. I think I already have a shade that will work.

Our other project for the week has been our new cat! Well, I hope he's ours. He can stay, and we'll feed him. I hope he does. I also hope he's a hunter. We have an awful mole problem in our yard. Maybe he'll also kill the mice before they get into the house.

(No idea what Ellie is doing there.) He's scared of us, but is doing better after being fed for 3 or 4 days. I was able to stand out on the deck and talk to him while he ate today.

Both kids are sick. I feel like I am so behind on life that I'll never catch up. I don't have any upcoming projects. Except maybe actually fold last week's laundry that's all thrown around in our bedroom.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

I love the new tv stand! and tv! nice!!! love the color and finish!

Hope the new cat stays. Have a great week!