Friday, May 16, 2008

Shorties for baby

Well, at least one good thing comes out of my back pain. I sit and knit all day:). Poor Mary though, I feel awful leaving her in front of the TV and not being able to play with her. But I feel better today! We did all kinds of things this morning. Watercolors, "glue" (constuction paper and shapes, etc), made some muffins, and spent the morning in good moods. It's sunny today, so we'll be getting out later to play and get some fresh air.

I have both of the yarns below knit up. Now I am out of yarn. I just dyed some blue up this morning, but it won't be dry until Sunday at least. I need to dye up another batch, but it will have several colors and take a while to do.

Here they are. They aren't the exact same size/shape since I don't know what shape this baby will be. I'd call them both newborn sized. They have a lot of stretch and the yarn is super soft. I am hoping they will last for 6 weeks or so before the baby is too big for them. Then it will be time for longies.

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Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

Good job! WOW! They are so small. I forgot my kids were ever so small! :(
Have a good weekend! ~Karen