Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I shouldn't knit while watching Lost

So I started this little soaker on Sunday afternoon. I was making great progress. John and I decided to watch Lost Sunday night. There I was, watching and knitting. I thought I had enough of the rise done to start the legs. I knew I needed 36 stitches for the front and 38 for the back. So, I counted out 36 stitches and started the BACK!! argh! I noticed 2 rows later and ripped that part out. Then I got going again, was going to count 38 stitches from the stitch marker (beginning of the row), but the stitch marker was laying on the arm of the couch !&!^!^%!. Okay, guessed where the marker was supposed to be, counted correctly and got going. Got the back and front both done.....but the entire rise was way too short. So, I ripped the front and back all out. Then I looked at the pattern. Oh! I was supposed to knit in the round for 4 inches before starting the legs, not 3.5 inches. Knitted the extra 1/2 inch in the round, did the front and back right (that makes the leg holes), grafted the seam, did the cuffs and was done! woohoo! It still turned out smaller than expected (I have no idea why) but hopefully it will fit the baby for a week or two (then I'm selling the dang thing!).

And no, it's not a boy. I just like the color blue.


Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

LOL :)

Lizz said...

That is just so stinking tiny and cute!!!