Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An evening walk

Every night after dinner, I walk the day's kitchen scraps out to the compost bin. This is the view of the yard walking back towards the composter.

Here's the composter. John made it out of blocks that the previous homeowner left here. Nothing fancy, but it works. The right half is for compost, and the left side is for burning stuff (sticks, limbs, etc, etc). On top you can see my stainless steel bucket for collecting kitchen scraps. The compost side has a lid (sheet of plywood with huge holes drilled into it so rain can get in), but it's off right now. The only reason we have a lid is because we have raccoons in our yard. But they seem to leave the compost alone so we haven't bothered putting it back.

Tossing in tonight's scraps. I put in fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds (and filters), cat hair, human hair sometimes, wool yarn, and the occasional paper towel or tissue. We also put in items from the yard like grass clippings and leaves, etc as needed. I think it's looking pretty good this spring. I think we started this pile last July.

After I do the composting, I walk out and check on my hosta garden. This area was just part of the yard last summer when we moved in. We removed the sod, and John tilled up the area. Some of the plants are from my old Evansville garden, and some are from my Mom. I think they all look really good this spring, considering most of them sat in pots most of the summer and it was really, really dry here last fall. I have before pictures, but the odds of me finding time to upload them are pretty slim these days:).

See that dead tree directly behind St. Francis? John noticed on Saturday that a bird had made her nest there. So I took a picture of her last night.

There's a lot more of our property/yard to see, but it was chilly last night and Mary and I were about to head off to a La Leche League meeting.

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Mimi & Moe's Mom said...

Your land is BREATHTAKING! AMAZING! I cannot imagine waking up to that every morning! Your compost looks good and healthy! Did you buy worms? Any good recommendations for getting a good pile going?