Monday, August 8, 2011


Ever spend way too much time making ONE pillow cover and then not want to make the second one?

It's like one mitten or glove or sock. I JUST made the cover. Why do I have to make another? John hates fancy pillows anyway. It wasn't fun. I didn't do a great job, though I doubt anyone would notice. It was a boring job. And took longer than I expected. Now I've got to find enough energy to make a match.

Still need to make a fourth Roman shade too (for the master bath). But I just made three. I really don't want to do that again either.

What I really want to do is knit. I'm working on my log cabin blanket until I can't see straight at night. I'm so close. I have dark green and then off white. Just two sections. Maybe six hours of knitting. I cannot believe I am going to finish this thing!

I got Mary's windows and Ellie's window painted. I'm down to just the ones in the kitchen. Hopefully this week.

The dog, errrr, poor Miss Ellie, sounds like she is sick of being the dog. Better go save her.

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