Thursday, June 9, 2011

I've been busy!

I didn't mean to neglect my blog. We went away for Memorial Day weekend, and it feels like I haven't caught my breath since.

Every year we go t0 Ft. Wayne for Memorial Day weekend. There's always a big party at John's Grandma's house on that Saturday. Then we spend the night at a hotel and drive home Sunday. The weather wasn't the best this year (chilly and rainy), but the girls had fun so it was worth the trip. We got home Sunday and goofed off a while. Then John started to clear the storm damage up. I decided to help. I would pull the limbs back to John, and he'd burn them. The girls helped/played/ate snacks. It was crazy. I'd grab what I could and pull them 50? feet. It felt good. I'd turn around and the pile was still so HUGE. It seemed impossible. I'd get more. And more. I must have made 100 trips. That was just the apple tree and the cherry tree we lost. Mary and Ellie would pick up small sticks. Finally the girls and I went in and ate dinner. John kept working. That night, we hurt. My arms hurt, my legs were on fire. My feet hurt. Everything. We both had sunburns too. Monday we started again after lunch. The girls weren't as happy to play by themselves, so I didn't do as much. John put in another 6 or 8 hours. I'd help when I could. We got the ash tree cleaned up. Then John took Tuesday off work and went to it again. Mary was at school, and Ellie and I were doing our thing. I'd look out, and John looked exhausted. It broke my heart to see him so worn out. It was hotter than heck, and he'd been at it for 3 days. I could barely move from being so sore and tired. I couldn't imagine how he felt. We got it all cleaned up though. John still has to split the wood, but it's all piled up along the edge of the yard.

I hit the US 40 yard sale a couple times this year. First the girls and I went. Then I went alone last Saturday. I didn't find much this year. I took 40 towards Dayton. I planned to go look for some bamboo shades for our living room windows when I was done yard saling. I went to Target with no luck. Then I was off to Home Depot. I got to the isle and saw the blinds. And then I saw this:

I took this cell phone pic and emailed it to Mom right after I put them in my cart.

Was $36, now $6.80????? I looked at the tag about ten times, then took a picture. Then I stuck the blinds in the cart and rushed to check out (after emailing Mom) just in case it was a mistake. Four blinds for the living room for less than the cost of one! Woot! John hung them right up for me when I got home. Pictures to come soon--maybe when we paint or maybe if I ever even clean the room!

By Sunday night, I was getting the itch to craft. The problem though is that my crafts seem to be getting more and more difficult. Ellie's blanket nearly killed me. My new project? A twin size quilt for Mary's bed. I was so intimidated by it that I didn't want to start.

Here's what I had as of this afternoon. The pattern is called a coin quilt. The coins are the little squares of fabric. They form a huge line, then are bordered by a plain (white) strip on either side. The quilt has 175 coins each cut 4.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. There are seven coin strips. Tonight I finished sewing all thirteen strips together. I still need to do the two outside white strips, and then put a white strip across the top and the bottom. When I got everything sewed and pressed tonight and turned it over, I couldn't believe I made it with my own hands. I cannot wait to see it done. I still have a long way to go (making the back, basting it together, quilting it and binding it).

I told myself I would go to bed early tonight. I went to bed at 12:30am last night (this morning!?!?!) so I guess if I went to bed now it would be slightly earlier than that. I'm so tired I can't type or even remember if I had anything else to say.


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