Friday, June 24, 2011

miles of white

White paint that is.

I made the bed just for this picture.

I started yesterday. Our bedroom has 3 windows (one is off to the right in this picture). The master bathroom has a small window too. I got them sanded down, the hardware off, taped them, and primed them yesterday/last night. It is slow going. And the windows have to stay open for a couple days. Next I break out the paint. Every job I've done recently, I quit before it was all done. In addition to these windows, I have to paint:

A final coat on both the hallway bathroom doors.
A final coat (or maybe 2) on Mary's door.
Two windows in Mary's room.
One window in Ellie's room.
Kitchen window over the sink.

Then once John puts in the new baseboards in our room there will be more to do. Why on earth did I wait until mid summer to start my summer painting? I'd love to get Ellie's ceiling painted. And the master bathroom (including the ceiling. My poor neck and shoulders!). The master bedroom is getting done. I'd love to do that ceiling too. It's a big room though.

Fighting! Darn kids. I need a referee whistle.

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