Friday, May 27, 2011

What a week.

I think that's all I can say. What a week. On Saturday, I was happily taking pics for my blog.

Ellie's new blanket on her bed.

Quilted table topper.

On Sunday, John and I had four hours to ourselves! We weeded and mulched some of our flower gardens. Monday after work, John mowed the entire yard. It started to storm.

Trees crashed down. The power went out for 21 hours. We were fine. The house was fine. Yesterday John and his Dad started cutting up the mess. And what a mess it is.

The apple tree is still standing. I hope it lives.

The dayliles we worked to weed and mulch.

Back side of the apple tree.

One of the debris piles. Maybe 3-4 high in places.

More of the garden we worked on Sunday.

I just realized that while some hostas are still standing, there are some that are just GONE. Right between the wood in the foreground and the smashed daylilies. There was a row of hostas there.

Ellie on one of the logs.

These little guys made it!

Ellie on another pile. Plenty of firewood this year!

One more look back at my garden. I keep telling myself it will be back next year.

The wind hit that side of the yard just right I guess. The rest of the yard is fine. We lost small limbs, but nothing major.

These hostas made it pretty well. The meter housing did not.

The power line pulled so hard before it broke that the meter box (not the meter) got damaged. The roof got torn up where the line goes into the house. Nothing major. We already are dealing with the insurance company.

And so, my week. A lot of clean up work for John, but we got lucky. We are safe. Nothing fell on the house.

Hopefully I'll be back with some crafty posts in the near future.

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