Saturday, September 11, 2010

various stuff

I'm in this crazy busy phase. I have a million projects going at once. I guess it's better than sitting around doing nothing? It also keeps me from going completely insane after refereeing the girls all afternoon.

Here's the ironstone platter all cleaned up. I love it. I painted a 50 cent thrift store brassy basket, put some dollar store candles and some fifty percent off berries in it. I had the pine cones which are just from the yard. I think it turned into a nice fall centerpiece. I'm thinking I might cut the handles off the basket though.

I've also been working on the bed. I got it painted all white.

I knew I was going to distress it. I sanded down all the edges and roughed up the seams a bit. I was set to go last night. I wiped on the first bit of stain and almost cried. I tried to wipe it off, but of course that wasn't happening. I even got a scrub brush. Nope. So, I decided to just go with it.

After I got it all done, I sanded it a bit and the paint started to come back though, which lightened it up a bit. I could sand more. Sanding damp stain just gums up the sandpaper so I quit. If I sand it more and don't like it, I might try lightly dry brush some more white paint on it. I wanted it super distressed. Maybe I'll just try to live with it. It needs a coat or two of poly on it then we can put it on the bed.

I've been knitting like mad. I have no idea how big I'll make this blanket. Maybe it will be just a like a lap blanket. I'd love to make it bigger though. Right now it is about 20x20.

Back, forth, back, forth. Turn the corner, change color. Back and forth again. I've put it away for now so I can make some longies for Ellie.

John just took Mary to a play. Ellie's sleeping. I should clean or something. It sure is nice to just sit here with the window open listening to a gentle rain though.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

If you were pregnant I would totally say you are nesting! You are getting so much done!!! Is there something you aren't telling us???? :)