Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yard/Garden 2010

Well, I didn't take pictures from the same angles, but who knows if I will ever have time to do that. Our yard is coming along! The part we mow is about 3 acres. Someday, I plan to have it half covered in gardens. Wouldn't that be something?

Spring 2009. Newly planted hostas and ornamental grasses.

May 2010. The hostas have grown so much! Ornamental grasses with newly planted coneflowers (one's blooming already!), daylilies, and liatris.

Another view. Our ornamental plum has grown so much!

Sadly, this is the best pic I have of it from when we planted it. September 2007.

In August 2007, Mom dug up all of her hostas and brought them to me. What a sweet Mom I have! She also stayed 2 days and helped plant them all.

August 2007

May 2010

Don't look too closely! I need to weed! This is just to the right of the center path.

Just to the left of the center path.

My planter boxes also look better this year than they ever have. I'll get a pic in a few weeks when they fill in a little more. I also want to get a picture of the coneflowers and daylilies blooming. I am so proud of that area. The grasses were from Mom (free), the coneflowers grew from seed ($10), the dayliles are from John's Mom (free) and the liatris are from Mom (free). It's a little sparse this year as I had to divide everything out to make it fit the area I wanted to cover. I have high hopes for it though in about 2 more years.

As much as I wish we could snap our fingers and have the inside of the house remodeled, I am glad we've spent so much time and effort outside. Walls may need painted, but plants grow! Getting them in and growing so that they can mature is more important to me that anything else.

We're planning to do one more "new" garden this fall by moving some more free daylilies. I'm also hoping Mom will come over and we can move and divide some hostas for that garden. I just yesterday dug up 60 compacted, non-blooming daffodils and need to get them planted back out with room to grow. We already saved 100 or so that were so compacted and sad that we weren't even sure if they were daffodils. They bloomed this spring for the first time!

More pics of the yard and gardens to come as things bloom (assuming there isn't a freakish hail storm that destroys everything for the year like last year).

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I love love love that horseshoe shaped planting! It's gorgeous!