Monday, June 14, 2010

The camera batteries died again.

But I finally remembered to charge them today!

I bought this little frame at the thrift store last week. I saw the size I wanted, and it was only 50 cents. I didn't even bother looking at it really. Now I realize it's sort of pretty. I feel like I should just keep it. Well, I'm keeping the print. Maybe I'll reuse it someday. The bigger mat board is sort of peachy-pink in real life or I'd probably just leave it as is and paint the frame.

I'm working on the dining room! Three years of waiting, waiting, waiting. And now it's TIME!

Imagine my surprise when I ripped the first piece of paneling down and saw this. The dang walls were ready to be painted -- 45 years ago. But now there are a million nail holes where the trim and paneling was. Plus there's a big hole where the old intercom was. So, I'm still having the walls professionally patched. Hopefully next week! I'm going Wednesday to get painting supplies.

Check out this coneflower ready to bloom! I can't wait. There are tons of them like this. They are almost as tall as me. I'd say they are close to my eye level.

Here's another view. You can see the other ones around it that aren't quite ready yet either.

My hydrangeas are so pretty this year! They have grown so much since we put them in. They were pretty sad last year. I have more time to take care of them this year, and it is paying off.

They just started blooming. They have many more buds on them.

It's mulberry time! I've made 2 pies and a batch of muffins. I'm hoping to pick enough tomorrow to get one more pie.

I was hoping to get a picture of both of my planter boxes, but every time I'm outside the garage doors are open and the car is usually in the way. So here's a picture of one of them. They both look great this year.

So that's what is new with me. The window guy said it would be about three weeks for the windows to come in. That will be Friday. So, I'm hoping they will actually be here next week!

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