Saturday, June 5, 2010

US 40 yard sale

This morning, I hit the US 40 yard sale. The entire thing is over 800 miles, but I stuck close to home. I ran out of time, energy, and money in about 15 miles or so.

The first place I stopped, there was an angry lady who just wanted to get rid of everything. She said whatever I wanted was a quarter each. Everything had been rained on, and she didn't want to take it home. I found her amusing. I got 3 milk glass pieces, gave her my 75 cents and went on my way.

There were many places that I stopped but didn't buy anything. I went through 3 small towns. I parked my car and walked up one side of the street and then back down the other. I talked to an old guy who had just purchased a really, really cool log cabin that had to have been 200 years old. He was going to renovate it. He let me walk through it. I bought a couple things off him. I should have bought more. But I was almost out of money.

Here's my loot!

Two tone green planter - 25 cents
Ironstone platter - 4 dollars (well spent because I'd just seen one for 8 dollars and considered buying it)
Ball jar - 2 dollars. I'll be using it to make a kitchen soap dispenser
Blue and orange crocheted scrubbers - 1.50 each. Expensive but I'm not buying netting and cutting it into inch wide strips.
Two ironstone plates- 1.75 for both of them! The guy wanted 1.50 each. I reached in my pocket and said all I had was 1.75 in change. He agreed! What a deal.
Three milk glass pieces - 25 cents each
Vintage metal strainer- 1 dollar. I can finally replace the one we have that has a HUGE hole in the bottom and doesn't really work anymore.
Two white.....bracelets? (sort of poking out behind the plate) 25 cents for both. Going to crochet around them and make them into towel holders. One for Mom and one for me.

And lastly.....HUGE piece of vintage cloth- 5 dollars. I'll be making it into a table runner when we get the dining room done. That will take about half of it. Not sure what I'll do with the other half.

It still had a label on it! I wish it had the original price tag.

Nap/rest time is over! Off to play outside.

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