Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New lighting!

There was this old milk glass fixture in the blue bathroom. I like milk glass, but it was broken (and ugly). The globe was actually held up by the light bulb. I think it had a support piece missing or something.

You can sort of see that the globe is leaning to the side in this one.

The bathroom basically needs a complete update (saving the vintage blue tub and toilet though! I love them:) ). But every time I went in there, I saw the leaning lamp. Poor old thing. I saved the milk glass portion. I will find another use for it someday.

John installed this new light for me Saturday.

Now the ceiling needs painted. Or maybe just scrubbed. The entire room needs painted though, so maybe I will get to that this summer.

Next up, our bedroom. There was this HUGE creepy ceiling fan. Only one of the three light sockets in it worked.

Ugh. Every night before I went to sleep (for 2.5 years) I prayed it wouldn't fall on me.

After! It's just a cheap fixture to last until we can afford something better. It makes the room look completely different though.

See my new art over the bed?

I found it at the antique mall right after Christmas. The frame was sort of fake gold-ish and was slightly damaged. So I painted it. It looks so much better. Plus the booth I bought it from was having a Christmas sale, and I got it for only $7.50. I think the frame alone is worth that.

I did have to go to Jo Anns over the weekend. Just for my red flannel. Guess it's time to get out the sewing machine soon. Maybe this weekend. I was hoping to just work on the granny blanket until I dropped, but I'm quickly burning out again. Since Sunday I've gotten the last 40 squares done, woven in the ends on all 40 of them, and then started weaving in the ends on the 8 rows I already had assembled. I'm about 30 or 40 percent done with that. Then, I just need to attach the last 40 squares.....and then do the border....and then.....NEVER CROCHET AGAIN. At least not until the next time a friend asks for a baby blanket.

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Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Looks nice. I love your bedroom quilt. You are really working on the house! It's looking good.