Saturday, January 23, 2010

Looking forward.....and trying to get some projects done

It's the weekend. Time for me to go to the thrift store, the antique store, or the craft store. Somewhere. Anywhere away from the girls. I find something to make, or to paint or to decorate with. I bring it home, and put it in the craft closet or the basement. I do work on things, but cannot keep up the pace at which I bring things into the house.

My main focus right now needs to be on the baby blanket I'm making. And I have a couple other things started I need to finish. But I'm going to make myself stay home and NOT buy more stuff. I'm thinking for a month? Like all of February? After I finish the blanket, and a cushion cover I've started crocheting, then I could......knit longies, work on some Valentine's crafts (some started and one that I have supplies for but haven't started), repaint the pink closet, spray paint tons of stuff if we ever have a warmer day on the weekend, clean out the closets, or print off a year's worth of digital photos. I'm sure there's more. I know I have enough yarn for 4 more pairs of longies. Or I could make shorties since spring is just around the corner. I could finish up some Christmas crafts/projects I never got around to. I wondered the other day if it would be possible to complete even HALF of the things I have planned before I bought anything else. I wonder how that would feel.

Today we had a little birthday party for Mary. Grandma Mary brought me a dresser that she didn't need anymore. As soon as I saw it, I thought about painting it. But then Grandma went into this long story about how it used to be painted, and she lovingly and carefully refinished it. Ugh. I didn't have the heart to tell her I wanted to paint it again. You know, so Mary or Ellie could refinish it again in 30 years:). She also gave me two lamps that I really, really want to spray paint, but I probably won't. They are super cool, but not my style. So, I can either paint them and use them, or keep them in a closet and not use them. They need new shades too. The shades that came with them are not working for me at all. Then she gave me one more's sort of a table runner but smaller. I can't really think of what you'd call it. Anyway, she had 2 of them so she wanted to give me one. She embroidered them herself. It really is very pretty. I asked her if it was old. She said sort of. She'd purchased the cloth BEFORE SHE WAS MARRIED!!! So like 60?65? years ago. She embroidered the first one then, and just did the second one last winter! Crazy! I'm so glad she's a crafter too. She has a massive yarn stash. And a fabric stash too. I love going to her house because she always gives me stuff or inspires me to make something I would not have otherwise thought to make.

I can't wait to see how much I can get done in the next month. I might even be able to open the craft closet without stuff falling out soon.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

wow! I wish I could commit to not buying..and to use up my supplies. I can't resist those thrifted deals! OH MY!

I think you should paint that stuff. If it is what you want, then go for it. I am sure she would rather you paint and enjoy it, than have it stuffed in a closet or basement. :)

Have a great weekend. ~Karen

Janis said...

I am glad I was the first to ask you to make a baby blanket, because I have a feeling the answer will be HELL NO!! next time someone asks, haha. It is so beautiful and will be so appreciated though. :heart: