Thursday, January 8, 2009

So, last night......

Mary was asleep by 7:45. John had agreed to hold Ellie while I did some crafting. He sat in front of the fire and read a book while I worked. We chatted and couldn't believe it was only 8:15 as I was wrapping up. Ellie woke up and I fed her. We came into the living room, and I was letting Ellie play on the floor without a diaper on for a while......I was watching Y&R and John was surfing......and the POWER WENT OUT!!! argh! I think we were both in shock. I think we both though we'd be in the dark for 4 days again. So John went to get a flash light while I tried to find a diaper that didn't require pins. I got Ellie diapered and John got his UPS shut down (backup power for his computers). We tried to call the power company but it was busy. We tried for 30 mins or so, and finally go through. But there was a recorded message saying they were aware of the outage and that all crews were working as quickly as possible. He did talk to an actual person to log our outage. But it wasn't looking good. We were sitting in front of the fire just planning how we'd handle the night without heat, and what we would do in the morning, etc.... and the power came on! I think we were in shock again. I think it was only out for an hour, but I hadn't done any of my evening stuff (aka, sit and surf without Mary climbing on me) so it seemed earlier. I ended up staying up way too late.

John asked me last night if I made any New Year's resolutions. I did. But it really isn't something I can put into words. It has to do with my b-day in August. It's sort of something that leads up to my b-day and then will change after my b-day. It isn't a secret, just something I can't put into words. It has to do with not having a baby, moving, or having another baby. Them John pointed out I was actually pregnant in 2005. I was focused on '06 when Mary was born. So I've been pregnant in part of the last 4 years. Over half of 2005, 25 days in 2006, 14 days of 2007, and over half of 2008. I guess part of my resolution is to have more me time, and to make myself more of a priority. Sort of a 'done having babies, not a new stay at home mom who doesn't bother getting dressed or combing her hair' thing. It is hard to put into words. Let's just call it "project 33" and I'll have to post updates as they happen.

Still making the same pair of longies. Not really excited about them. I've got another project going. Pics to come.


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

I get your resolution. Today I forgot to brush my teeth. The phone man got here because our line has been dead for days...After he left I looked at myself...My hair was sticking up on one makeup, a shirt with stains on sleeve has mucous from my son's nose...oh, and did i mention i have one two socks that do not personal inventory did not go well! i think i am gonna try to take better care of me too. first, we have to get over this cold!
have a good weekend! karen

Niki said...

Amanda, I think it is awe.some. that you're making yourself a priority. I know giving to myself allows me to give back to my family in a more meaningful way. You have to fill up your tank.