Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Which came first?

The art or the gallery wall? I've got a mix of both going on here.


Turns out that John had some really cool art down in his office. I stole that from him. I also bought some small prints from Ikea when I got frames a few weeks ago. There's a couple photos already framed too. Oh, and my rooster thingy way down on the end. There are still two paper templates left on the wall, and one template that has fallen to the floor. I need to build that frame and then I can hang it up. Hopefully I won't let all the empty frames hang like this for months. I want to do a combination of pictures of the girls and maybe some of their art. I'm sure I can dig up a few more things around the house too. I'm just happy this isn't all piled up in the laundry room anymore.

more progress

John said that he doesn't think I can get all of my list done this month. We'll see. I told him if I start all the projects, surely I will finish them too.  I need to sand the ceiling and put one more coat of mud on it tonight. Then I can prime and paint it.

I went this morning and bought cabinets for the basement project. I also have my material washed for the curtains. I hope to iron that tonight and get them cut out. I'm not sure when I will sew them. Soon!

But first, I have to get Ellie from school. Maybe she'll nap today, and I can make more progress.

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