Monday, February 13, 2012

It must be that time of year.

Last year, I made a huge list of things to do before March 1st. I've made another one this year. Maybe it is because I know spring is coming, and I will be outside more. Or maybe I've recovered from Christmas and Mary's birthday. Either way, I am ready to dig back in on the house.

First up is another round of DIY on the basement. We'll be adding some cabinets to a little alcove at the bottom of the stairs. Our house is so small, and we have very little storage space. This will help a lot. This weekend John will be doing a bit of repair work to that space, and installing the cabinets. Then I'll be on painting duty. It will also solve this issue:

Looking into the basement

When we removed the divider door to the hallway, this became our view into the basement. Previously, when the door was open, it just blocked the doorway to the basement. Now I look down there every time I walk to or from the bedrooms. I know it would look better if that paneling were painted white. So I will be painting that all white. The stairs are just boards with no backing. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them. Maybe just clean the heck out of them. I'd love to paint them, but that would mean locking the cats in the laundry room for a couple days so they could get to the litter box. So I need to think about that. I also want to paint the walls (and ceiling) above the paneling, but that won't be soon. I'm terrified of trying to reach up there. I asked my Dad how he did it at his house. He said it built a little platform and then put the ladder on it. I think he's crazy. We may possibly hire someone to do it so that I don't break my neck. So, painting that little room is project number one.

I also want to finish my gallery wall. Or at least get the frames hung up. I don't have art for all of them yet. 

I discovered some fabric I was going to use to make pillow covers for the living room. I totally forgot I had it. Oops. It's spring/summer fabric, so I want to get on that.

I bought drop cloths to make curtains to cover the storage shelves in the laundry room. I need to sew those up, and find curtain rods. I think we have some spares around here somewhere. I don't really care what they look like as long as they are long enough.

I want to fix the hole in the dining room ceiling. I bought the patch for it last week.

Of course I also have to do my regular stuff too. I think I can get it all done IF we stay healthy. Plus it is a leap year, so I have an extra day.

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