Monday, July 18, 2011

Real life happens too.

I was plugging along on my bedroom. Then we heard that our new niece was planning an early arrival! I didn't have a gift. I was planning to make a baby blanket, but thought I had until September. I've knitted and crocheted my little heart out this week. I got almost half way done and hated it. There was nothing to do but start over. So much for winging a baby blanket on a deadline. Now it's done and blocking. Pictures to come when it is dry. I did it in time though, as baby Sarah decided to stay put another week. We're still hoping that she stays put for at least a couple more weeks until she would be considered full term. John's step-dad has also been sick, so I've been cooking and delivering food to them. Hopefully he's on the mend. If not, my stuff can always wait.

I'm down to the details of the bedroom. It seems so slow going. I couldn't get the doorknobs on right. John had to help. He did the hinges too. The bathroom door has always stuck, so he decided (after I'd painted it) to cut off the top. Now I haven to repaint the door. On my short term to do list are: repaint the ceiling (tried to love it, but it's just too dark), make a bedskirt, and make some pillow covers for the bed.

Way before.




I made a dash to Ikea Saturday for new lamps!

I shoved most of the junk in the basement.

For Mandy. John's dresser when the room is clean.

Ikea frames with thrifted botanical prints.

As far as rooms go, we are down to the big one. The living room itself isn't that big (but it is so full of junk) but there's no stopping place so both hallways will have to be done then too. I'm waiting at least another two weeks before I hit John up for working on it. (Did you read that, John??? Huh? Did you??)


eleventhirtysix images said...

that looks really, really good, Amanda! I love it!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! *and I'm giggling at the pic for Mandy*