Friday, July 1, 2011

Master bedroom....before.

I took this picture yesterday. I guess it isn't really a before shot as we are already working on the room.

Let's not forget the old fan that John replaced a year and a half ago.

January 2010

It already looks a million times better with the new windows and window trim.

I got one of the new Roman shades installed before we started to demo the room.

For four years, we lived with those green Roman shades that blocked half the window. John hated them as he blocked his view. These hang a lot higher, so the view is better.

Opposite side of the bed.

Junk corner. Grrr.

Master closet door on the left, master bathroom on the right.

Here's a real before of that side of the room:

That's right. The sink was in the room, and the person in bed (the room was empty when this picture was taken) could have a chat with the person on the pooper.

We had the bathroom redone before we moved in. Now the view into the bathroom is the sink.

I got new dining room curtains. Don't mind the piles of crap. Hello, Ellie!

Yesterday morning, I got started. I cleaned out half the junk before I even took any pictures. Ellie and I carried it all into the dining room. I took out all the little stuff, the black trunk, the ottoman, the bedside tables. I was feeling good. Then I just could not get the rocking chair. I got it out of the bedroom, down the hall, and needed to make one more turn into the dining room. No matter how many times I tried to flip it (almost impossible) or pivot it, it just wasn't going. I had to get John's help. He made it look so simple.

Next up was ripping out the old trim. It was going pretty well. The girls were playing in the bed. I was the voice of fake puppy and fake kitty. There was a baseboard that was stuck. (skip to the end of this paragraph if you are easily grossed out!!!) I pulled. I tugged. I used the hammer and crow bar again. I pulled really hard. It came loose, but moved so fast and with so much hit me in the.......toenail. It ripped it all the way back to the nail bed. Holy heck it hurt. I couldn't play fake puppy. I told Mary to get me a band aid. I put that sucker on and took the rest of the baseboards out. I took the band aid off and looked. It was nasty. Gah. I'll live.

Then Mary wanted me to paint so I'd keep playing puppies and kitties. I edged in the ceiling. I rolled it when John got off work. After Ellie was in bed, I cut in the wall paint. I filled the nail holes.

John started installing the new trim this morning. He has the doorways almost done. He's off getting more 1x4s and quarter round right now. I'm hoping to roll the walls tonight.

The kids are "resting" aka fighting. I thought for sure Ellie would nap today (it has been a week), but she did not.

Outside we go!

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